Why is FG watching education system in Nigeria to collapse?

It is no longer news that after a month warning strike, ASUU has prolonged the strike by another two months.

One therefore want to ask why can’t Government fulfil these agreement even if it is bit by bit until we see improvement in the education sector in Nigeria meet with ASUU and see to their demands?

Why is education the least of all the priorities of FG when indeed it should be the topmost? I really don’t understand why such level of insensitivity towards the feelings of our children, I mean our future generations.

These young ones are currently loosing hope in government. Most of them believe there is no future for them in this country and this is very sad.

My advice to the Federal government is to as a matter of urgency persuade ASUU to call off this strike and get back to the negotiation table and have a concrete agreement signed for immediate Implementation for the sake of our children.

Let the Government fulfill these agreements and rekindle the hope of a better education System in our younger generations.

Our leaders in position of Authorities/Governance should answer the distress call by ASUU and save the education system in our country for posterity purposes…


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