Ijumu Ronú: What Have We Benefited From Government?

When a group of people have representatives at various levels, my thinking is that they should convert the opportunity to attract democracy dividends to their various Constituents.

In Ijumu Local Government, we’re blessed with the Head of Service of the Federation, Senator, House of Assembly member, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor, D.G Protocol to the Governor, Commissioner, Special Adviser and SSS at the State level and the ALGON Chairman of Kogi State.

My heart bleeds whenever I ask myself this question, what have we benefitted from this Government that will stand the test of time?

Recently, Kogi State Executive Council approved rehabilitation of Kabba Township road work is currently ongoing. The same Government approved provision of solar street lights in Kabba and rehabilitation of the road leading to the Palace of Obaro of Kabba.

Also worthy of note is the ongoing upgrade of Isanlu General Hospital into a world class health facility.

Now what is our gain in this Government? Our clueless politicians doesn’t have the interest of Ijumu people at heart.

All they do is to fight one another for nothing. All the political office holders from Ijumu in the current political dispensation should cover their eyes in absolute shame.

Ijumu people, let’s think before its too late

– Dare Emmanuel, a concerned Ijumu citizen, wrote from Lokoja.


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