Empowering Progress: Arc Salman Idris Fulfills Campaign Promise with Motorcycle Donations to Okada Riders

In a remarkable display of commitment and dedication to his constituents, Arc Salman Idris, the esteemed Member of the House of Representatives for Kaba Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, has recently made good on his campaign promises. In a bid to empower local communities and support the vital Okada riders association, Arc Salman Idris has donated a fleet of motorcycles to several branches, marking the first phase of his impactful initiative.

During his spirited campaign, Arc Salman Idris vowed to address the needs of the vibrant Okada riders community, recognizing their essential role in the local economy. True to his word, the first batch of motorcycle donations has already been distributed, benefiting key branches in the constituency.

1. **Ayegunle Branch:**
The Ayegunle branch of the Okada Riders Association has received a significant boost with the donation of motorcycles. This gesture will undoubtedly enhance the mobility and livelihoods of riders in this community.

2. **Ayetoro Branch:**
Arc Salman Idris has extended his support to the Ayetoro branch, ensuring that Okada riders in this area have access to improved transportation resources. This move aligns with his vision for a more connected and prosperous constituency.

3. **Kabba Branch (General):**
The general branch in Kabba has also witnessed the positive impact of Arc Salman Idris’s initiative. The donation of motorcycles to this central location will contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Okada services.

4. **Ayede Junction Branch in Kabba:**
Another key area of focus for Arc Salman Idris’s campaign promise is the Ayede Junction branch in Kabba. With the recent motorcycle donations, riders in this strategic location can expect improved service delivery and increased economic opportunities.

5. **Iyara Branch:**
The Iyara branch is among the fortunate recipients of the first batch of motorcycle donations. This move reflects Arc Salman Idris’s commitment to reaching all corners of the constituency and making a positive impact on the lives of Okada riders.

Looking Ahead

As a testament to his ongoing dedication to the community, Arc Salman Idris has assured that other branches of the Okada Riders Association will benefit from similar initiatives in the near future. This commitment underscores his long-term vision for a constituency that thrives economically and socially.

Arc Salman Idris’s recent actions exemplify the kind of leadership that prioritizes the needs of the people and transforms campaign promises into tangible, positive change. The motorcycle donations to various Okada riders branches not only fulfill a commitment made during the campaign but also lay the foundation for a more prosperous and connected constituency. As we eagerly await the positive impact on other branches, it is clear that Arc Salman Idris is a representative who stands by his word and actively works towards the betterment of his constituents.


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